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Patient Before & After Testimonials

after before surgery

"I had this falcon on my arm and I got fed up with looking at it. I was worried that there would still be scars or marks where my tattoo was. But Drop Tattoo did an excellent job of removing everyting cleanly. I recommend them for any tattoo removal services."

Adam Vickers
after before surgery

"I had a flying bird tattoo on my rib. I regret it after 2 years, and took contact with droptattoo.com. They acted professional and were able to remove my tattoo completely-- would definitely recommend!"

Sean Flint
after before surgery

"I had a really bad tattoo of steve jobs on my right arm haha. I sent a picture of my tattoo via droptattoo.com and they sent me a quote with suggestions! I decided to do their free consultation, and the price actually went down after they analyzed my tattoo! Great service!"

Sam Kegan
after before surgery

" Okay, it hurts a little, but really, look at the difference! I feel free and happy that my tattoo is gone"

Andreas Davila
after before surgery

"luckily, my senior spring break in cancun didn't have to stay with me for life! I'll never spend 50 dollars on a tattoo again"